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Our Vision

Imperial Physics Review aims to revolutionise the way physics is communicated, making it accesible, enjoyable and understandable while still being precise and rigorous.

A student-led project where undergraduates join together to write about their passion.

For students, by students.

Our Team

Adriana Bercebal Ruiz

Co-Founder & Lead Editor

Sara Capdevila Solé

Co-Founder & Social Media Lead

Pepe Guzmán Funck

Co-Founder, Marketing Coordinator & Editor

Bilgesu Aydin

External Relations Lead

Hanzhi Bao


Susan Chen

Outreach Lead & Editor

Marius Ignat


Lorenzo Versini


Our Writers

Matthew Acevski

Thomas Haward

Ahad Riaz

MingSong Wu

Viraj Patel

Seyed Nasrollahi

Filotea Crasovan Neacsu

Nabihah Rahman

Kenton Kwok

Alexander Tiu

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